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Suzhou Huaweile Automation Technology Co., Ltd
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About Us
Suzhou Huaweile Automation Technology Co Ltd was founded in 2015 located in Kunshan Suzhou Jiangsu province where the manufacturing industry is developed Suzhou Huaweile Automation Technology Co Ltd is committed to providing efficient screw locking and fastening solutions for production line factories Founded in 2015 the company has more than 40 invention patents such as automatic screw machine Currently it focuses on the development design production and sales service of screw fastening locking machine The main products are conventional automatic screw tightening machine CCD automatic screw tightening machine robot automatic screw tightening machine The company has provided advanced...

Categories and Products

Standard Screw Locking Machine

Online Cantilever Dragon Door Machine

The Robot Server Locking Machine

Six Axis Locking Machine

Multi-head Rotary Dispensing Machine

Nut Washer Clamp Locking Machine

Braces Screw Riveting Drilling

Feed Tightening Unit

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RobotsMultifunctional Automatic Screw Locking MachinePrecision Instrument Automatic Screwing LockingMultiple Spindle Rotation Screw Locking MachineHot Sale Dispensing Automatic Tightening MachineBraces Screw Riveting Drilling Industrial RobotsMultiple Spindle Automatic Screw Tighten MachineYS-L301 Programmable Automatic Screwdriver Robotautomatic air bleeder valve for hydronic systemsScrew Locking Equipment for Double-headed ScrewsAutomatic Fixture Turning Screw Locking EquipmentElectric Screwdriver and Screws Locking EquipmentPrecision Automatic Dispensing Tightening MachineServo Driver Multi-Head Rotary Dispensing MachinePrecision Automatic Dispensing Tighten TechnologyIntelligent Detection Robot Screw Locking MachineMultiple Spindle Automatic Screw Tighten MachinesPrecision Dispensing Automatic Tightening MachinePneumatic Driver Synchronous Screw Locking MachineLinear Bearing Synchronous Screw Locking EquipmentPrecision Dispensing Automatic Tightening Machineselectric screwdriver auto feeding for assembly line
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